Collaborate With MiNHi!!
“Collaborative Cages”


Receive a box kit with everything you need to make a collaborative cage!
You make the cage, MiNHi adds the glass!

Kit includes:

  • digital how-to
  • wire cutter
  • chain nose pliers
  • copper wire
  • return shipping label
  • return box
  • strip of tape
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Collaborate with MiNHi!

Only 20 boxes available to make a collaborative caged glass sculpture with Minhi England!
digital “how-to” video and PDF files
return label and box

  • Color options:
  • Transparent Pink
  • Transparent Purple
  • Transparent Blue
  • Transparent Lime Green
  • Milky White (semi-transparent)
  • Transparent Amber
  • Transparent Orange
  • Opaque Pink
  • Opaque Purple
  • Opaque Blue
  • Opaque Yellow
  • Opaque Black
  • Opaque Crimson Red
  • Opaque Sky Blue
  • Opaque Green
  • Pink Chrome (Mirrored)
  • Blue Chrome (Mirrored)
  • Lime Green Chrome (Mirrored)
  • Pearly White Chrome (Mirrored)
  • Gold Chrome (Mirrored)
  • Orange Chrome (Mirrored)
  • Silver Chrome (Mirrored)
  • LET MiNHi DECIDE!! (complete artistic freedom in color to MiNHi)

*****Once cage is received, your final piece will be shipped back within 3-4 weeks.

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Transparent Pink, Transparent Purple, Transparent Blue, Transparent Lime Green, Milky White (semi-transparent), Transparent Amber, Transparent Orange, Opaque Pink, Opaque Purple (lavender), Opaque Dark Blue, Opaque Yellow, Opaque Black, Opaque Crimson Red, Opaque Sky Blue, Opaque Green, Pink Chrome (Mirrored), Purple Chrome (Mirrored), Blue Chrome (Mirrored), Lime Green Chrome (Mirrored), Pearly White Chrome (mirrored), Gold Chrome, Orange Chrome (Mirrored), Silver Chrome, MiNHi's Color Choice!, MiNHi's Color Choice PLUS Chrome!