MiNHi England

MiNHi England is a Seattle based, multi-disciplinary artist, working primarily in glass. She earned her BFA from Alfred University in 3D studies, focused in glassblowing and metal casting. Since graduating in 2010, MiNHi has established herself as a professional glassblower, designer, and independent artist across the US.

Utilizing the unique properties of molten glass, MiNHi personifies the material and imbues a sense of self. Her current artistic practice explores transformative life experiences, conveying the complexities in emotional cognizance. MiNHi’s work serves as a conduit for processing loss, grief, and the inevitable specter of mortality. Her work employs reiteration to convey the intricacies of turbulent emotional patterns, the cyclical rhythms of life, and the nuances of self-awareness.

MiNHi England has been awarded several artist residencies such as the Hauberg Residency at Pilchuck Glass School, the Hilltop Artists Residency in Tacoma, WA, Pittsburgh Glass Center Residency and has shown at Bellevue Art Museum. She is featured as a finalist in the Netflix Series, “Blown Away” Season 3.

When I use glass in my work, I find myself personifying the material, giving it permission to embody “self.” The unique properties of hot glass allows me to generate a sense of vitality when I force my own breath inside. This action further connects me to the process. Although I set the stage, there are moments that happen outside of my control, metaphorically illustrating the human experience.

Choosing when to relinquish control creates opportunity for evolution.